Screw diameter 8mm 8mm 10mm 10mm 12mm 13mm 16mm
Length 2cm 3cm 2.2cm 3.2cm 3.5cm 4.5cm 4.3cm
Nut side to side width 12mm 12mm 14mm 14mm 21.7mm 19.2mm 26.5mm


Screw diameter 16mm 16mm 19mm 19mm 19mm 22mm 26mm
Length 4.7cm 6cm 5cm 5.2cm 7.3cm 5.3cm 6cm
Nut side to side width 22.9mm 22.9mm 26.2mm 31.2mm 26.2mm 35.8mm 37.3mm


Screw diameter 26mm 26mm 27mm 30mm 32mm 32mm 36mm
Length 8cm 10cm 12.5cm 12.5cm 8cm 10cm 14.5cm
Nut side to side width 37.3mm 37.3mm 38.8mm 44.4mm 47.2mm 47.2mm 51mm


Screw diameter 45mm 50mm
Length 14.5cm 15.5cm
Nut side to side width 64.6mm 70mm


Before installation /
The metallic screw is exposed, which is dangerous
and ruins the aesthetic beauty.


            After installation /
        The metallic screw is fully
      protected to present a pleasant
     and generous looking area.

2 1/2 entimeter: short length-2cm long, length-3cm short length-8cm long, length-10cm
3 centimeter: short length-2.2cm long, length-3.2cm 1”dual nut sheath: length-8cm long
4 centimeter: short length-4.5cm long dual nut sheath: length-10.5cm long
5 centimeter: short length-4.7cm long, length-6cm
steel structure
mm size
12mm X 22mm:length-25cm long
16mm X 27mm:length-40cm long
22mm X 36mm:length-50cm long
6 centimeter: short length-5cm long, length-7.3cm
1”: short length-6cm long, length-10cm

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